Seminar 2016 / 2017 / 2018

Between 2016 and 2018, we will organize a multidisciplinary seminar. In the face of anthropogenic climate change and many man-made global environmental challenges, we will present the link between mind and environment from different perspectives. We will explore the "inner dimension" of sustainability, and thus the “goodwill” to act not only for own benefits but for the entire environment. Given the growing world population and limited resources, this kind of inner dimension of sustainability might play a crucial role to build and maintain individual and social wellbeing, peace and ecological sustainability.

Therefore, this seminar should help to uncover the process and causality that stands behind our perspectives, motivations, attitudes, values and ethics to benefit the environment. We would like to summarize existing learning programs and concepts that aim to foster a sustainable way of living. Finally, we aim to discover synergies and present innovative examples of how this inner dimension of sustainability can be put into practice. By means of the seminar we would like scientists, professionals and practitioners to share their experiences in their respective fields of environmental sciences, psychology, politics, education, sociology and religion. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the program will be based at Freiburg University and will be open for staff, students, and all interested external visitors.

Current topics of the seminar.
Current topics of the seminar.

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24 Alexander Berzin | Feb. 2018

Interview with Dr. Alexander Berzin about original Buddhism, mental skills, universal values and our relationship with the environment (Video to come)


23 Thomas Bruhn | 26.01.2018

A Mindset for the Anthropocene

(Preliminary closing-event of the mind-environment seminar 2016 / 2017)


22 Gitta Walchner | 17.01.2018

The Mind Behind the Economy for the Common Good

21 Hendrik Stark | 06.10.2017

Buddhist Psychology: Condional Arising, Identity and Sustainable Development

20 Mathis Trautwein | 05.10.2017

Decentralizing the Self? Neuroscientific Insights on the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation and the Influence of Identity and Social Behavior

19 Gerhard Reese | 05.10.2017

A Common Global Identity

18 Ulrich Gebhard | 05.10.2017

Outer and Inner Landscapes: On the Meaning of Nature Experiences for the Mental Development

17 Andreas Wilhelm Mues | 05.10.2017

Identity: Foundations, Results and Research Objectives in the Context of Nature Awareness

16 Matthias Braeunig | 24.05.2017

A Cybernetic Approach to 'the Environment'


15 Minh Tam Luong and Sarah Gouda | 17.05.2017

What can mindfulness offer modern schools? A mixed-methods study on the effects of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention in school settings


14 Noema Suchant | 27.04.2017

WILDERNESS - Pedagogy: How to CONNECT WITH the (own) NATURE


13 Sebastian Bamberg | 01.03.2017

Environmental Psychology and Consumer Behavior.


12 Torgeier Ericson | 23.02.2017

Mindfulness and Sustainability.


11 Tho Ha Vinh | 14.02.2017

Gross National Happiness: An Alternative Development Paradigm


10 Khushwant Singh | NEW DATE: 18. Jan. 2017

Voices from Religions on Sustainable development.


9 Valentina Aversano-Dearborn & Sina Leipold | 08.12.2016
Spirituality, Economy and Sustainability: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Benedictine Sustainability Strategies


8 Britta Hölzel | 30.11.2016

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness


7 Hinrich Mercker | 18.11.2016

How mindfulness based leadership can contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society


6 Armin Lude | 09.11.2016

Educational pathways to education for sustainable development


5 Andreas Wilhelm Mues | 25.10.2016

Society and Environment: Nature Awareness in Germany and the Role of Mindfulness


4 Khenpo Samten | 11.08.2016 - 14.08.2016
Familiarizing with the Mind: A Basis for Sustainable Living


3 Magdalena Langer, Niklas Mischkowski and Christoph M. Pfisterer | 20.07.2016

How to Become an Effective Change Maker for Sustainability? An Interactive Session About Visions and Success Factors.


2 Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo | 20.06.2016
Interdependence Between Mind and Environmental Sustainability


1 Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker | 10.06.2016
Towards a Sustainable World Society: The Philosophical Crisis