Khenpo Samten | 11.08.2016 - 14.08.2016

Familiarizing with the Mind: A Basis for Sustainable Living

Khenpo Samten
Source: Hendrik Stark

Retreat: 12:00 am 11.08.2016 to 12:00 am 14.08.2016 | Germany | Location: Schauinslandhaus of the University of Freiburg, further information here.


About: Venerable Khenpo Samten lives in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and teaches authentic meditation according to the Tibetan Vajrayana Tradition. Khenpo Samten finished a professional education in banking before he decided to devote his entire life to the study and practice of Buddhist meditation. During his education and training he spent six years with his teacher Khenpo Ramesh Negi Rinpoche in Northern India and Nepal.


 Retreat: On our way towards a sustainable world society we need change or transformation both at the individual level and at the level of our society. But where can this change start? From within our minds. And how can this change start? By familiarizing with our minds. "Familiarizing with the mind" here means to become aware of the subconscious and self-made habitual concepts and believes, which determine our way of living, our perspectives, our efforts, our thinking, our ethics, our values and thus our relation to the environment. "Familiarizing with the mind" also means to become aware of our innermost wish for well-being, which we share with all living sentient beings and which is our principle yet often subconscious motivation for action. By establishing this kind of awareness and understanding, we naturally redefine our view or outlook in life, and along with it our motivations, priorities and efforts to take action for the benefit of our own lives, the society and the environment. Therefore, familiarity with the mind is exactly the quality where the inner dimension and outer dimension of sustainability meet.

One way to familiarize with the mind is meditation, which comprises a set of rather simple methods of mind training. There are methods to pacify the mind and there are methods to understand the sources and nature of our feelings, emotions, thoughts and believes that determined our lives. Along with that Khenpo Samten will introduce some fundamental understandings or views, which arise when observing the mind: interdependence, impermanence and compassion. Together, these practices can help towards more inner clarity, contentment, solidarity and also intimacy with the environment. Together, view, meditation and conduct are the basis for change, wellbeing and sustainable living.

These teachings are basically free from religious thoughts and should therefore be accessible to any interested person. We will have several meditation classes per day. In the mean time we can relax and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery of the Black Forest and make time for individual or group reflections. We will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner. Costs: Meditation teachings are free of charge. However, we will have to pay for food and accommodation. Students will receive a discount, with prices for dorm rooms at € 112.20 for accomodation for 3 nights, including breakfast,  lunch and dinner plus a course fee to cover Khenpo Samtens accomodation (€ 20). Regular prices for dorms are € 156.10 and € 166.10 for single or double rooms (only few available). Any donations to contribute to Khenpo Samten's travel expenses or his work in general are welcome. Maximum 20 participants. If you wish to attend this retreat, please send us your definite application here. We will get back to you as soon as possible. The retreat will be held in English, but translation into German is possible on request.


Mind & environment retreat 2016 with Khenpo Samten.
Mind & environment retreat 2016 with Khenpo Samten.

Sustainable happiness

In this short video Khenpo Samten explains how inner lasting happiness, contentment and compassion can benefit individual well-being and simultaneously support a sustainable way of living.

Interdependence, compassion and loving-kindness

In this short video Khenpo Samten talks about the understanding of interdependent arising and about the attitude of loving-kindness and compassion, and how they can benefit the life of oneself as well as that of all other creatures and the entire environment by increasing our environmental concern.

Mindfulness and awareness

In this short video Khenpo Samten explains what mindfulness and awareness are in the context of Buddhist meditation, and he explains how we can use them as the two most essential skills to pacify our mind and realize wisdom understanding, which in turn strongly influence the way we think and thus the way we act in the world.

Focussing the mind

In this short video Khenpo Samten talks about a method of meditation than can help us to focus our mind. A focused mind is the basis for inner peace and is essential to gain a clear wisdom understanding of our life, which in turn can help us to find lasting inner happiness and contentment - a basis for sustainable living.

Wisdom observation to realize impermanence

In this short video Khenpo Samten will explain how the meditation method of wisdom observation is based on the method of focussing the mind. He will show how wisdom observation will then help us to understand the impermanence of all appearences. This understanding will help us to find inner ease and contentment, which is the basis for sustainable living.