Gitta Walchner | 17.01.2018

The Mind Behind the Economy for the Common Good

Photo: G. Walchner
Photo: G. Walchner

Public talk | 17.01.2018 | 16:00 - 17:30 | Uni Freiburg | Tennenbacher Str. 4, 79106 Freiburg, Germany | Herderbau | Room 200


Gitta Walchner studied Theatre and business management and worked for 10 years as a business consultant. Today she is lecturer and auditor for the economy of the common good (“Gemeinwohlökonomie”). She lives in Freiburg, Germany.


If you ask people what really makes them happy, you get mostly the answer that the main point are good and fulfilling relationships with other people. And if you go deeper, you discover as principles of good relationships trust, empathy and equality.  In these days we are used to think in economic terms, which denies those principles. The highest goal of business affairs is to maximise the profit. For that, you have to lower the costs and raise the price. Or in other terms: You try to give least and get most. This is the killing of good relationships and the killing of happiness for all stakeholders. And it is totally against the principles of our religious and humanistic traditions.  Because economics have such an impact on our society as a whole – also on our relationship to our natural resources – we have to rethink very urgently the principles of our economic system of today. The economy for the common good stays for a basic shift in the targets, strategies, systems and evaluation instruments for exchanging our goods on a non-exploitative basic.  The basis of these thoughts is the experience of unity in our consciousness, which contains all layers of existence. And this experience has to be lived in our daily life – „even“ in business, e.g. in the form of an economy for the common good.