Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker | 10.06.2016

Towards a Sustainable World Society: The Philosophical Crisis

Source: E.U. Weizsäcker
Source: E.U. Weizsäcker

Public talk | 10.06.2016 | 16:00 - 17:30 | Uni Freiburg | Tennenbacher Str. 4, 79106 Freiburg, Germany | Herderbau, Room 200.


Dr. rer. nat. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker is an honorary professor at the University of Freiburg in Germany, lead-author of “Factor Five” and Co-President of the Club of Rome. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker will open the seminar series “Linking mind and environment” with his talk. Based on his book “Factor Five”, which mainly adresses technical solutions to the global crisis, he will emphasize the importance of also considering the inner dimension of sustainable living: our mind-setting. More information about the work of E. U. Weizsäcker can be found here.


Summary: In addressing today’s crises, the Club of Rome, just as Pope Francis in his Encyclical Letter entitled “Laudato Si”, emphasizes the spiritual and religious dimensions of our civilization. One new approach to the spiritual debate from inside the Club of Rome originates from David Korten in his recent Report to the Club of Rome called “Change the Story, Change the Future”. There he associates monotheistic religions with the “story” of the Distant Patriarch ruling humanity. Korten concludes that this story came with problematic side-effects, which coincided with the rise of technologies, the adoration of technical “miracles” and the rise of a ‘sacred’ character of money and markets. Now it is time for a new “story” of humankind and Mother Earth. Our new Report does not claim to have the right answers to all important questions. But the Club of Rome wants to stress that addressing today’s challenges will by necessity involve a spiritual dimension, a moral vantage point from which it is not acceptable to give selfishness and greed – for the purpose of technological progress or economic success - a positive value. Progress and success can just as well flourish in a civilization of solidarity, humility, and respect for Mother Earth and for future generations.


This seminar does not require registration. However, we would be very pleased if you would inform us about your possible visit here. The seminar will be held in English.