Sustainability begins in the mind ...

Informing and Inspiring Science and Practice

A seminar to understand the role and importance of the human mind as a major driver moving towards a sustainable society both in science and practice. In particular, the seminar should help to reveal and summarize the three points 1) Background: Environmentally relevant aspects and processes of the mind and their causes and conditions, 2) Understand - Convey - Implement: Approaches to understand, cultivate, convey and implement those environmentally relevant mental aspects and processes, and 3) Effects: How environmentally relevant aspects and processes influence our behaviour and how they might contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

The seminar is meant to be a platform for the exchange of relevant information as well as an inspiration for related future work and its implementation in science and practice.

The future of "mind environment"

Currently, the mind-environment project's official activities are pausing as we are re-structuring the project aims and its platform and scope. We intend to continue the project in a different setting in November 2018.

Previous talks and workshops